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Waldo Thunder | Brookside Storm

TSKC Baseball 2021-22 Information

The Teamwork Sports Baseball Club was formed in 2011 and participates under the brand names of the Brookside Storm and the Waldo Thunder.

Our goal is to field youth baseball teams with players predominately from South Kansas City communities and provide a competitive alternative to recreational baseball without single sport dedication, excessive fees, or suburban facilities.  Fielding teams representing multiple schools is an important aspect of our club.  Our 2020-21 rosters included players from more than a dozen area schools in Kansas and Missouri.

Although sharing the core values of teaching fundamentals of the game with focus on teamwork and sportsmanship while preparing players for on and off field success, our volunteer head coaches will operate each team independently including final roster decisions, specific practice routines, and game day philosophies.

Looking for a Team?

Click Here to contact Teamwork Sports and express interest and schedule a tryout to join one of our existing teams for the 2021-22 season.   Individual or small group workouts will be scheduled with each team's head coach.

2021-22 Club Roster & Head Coaches

Teams will play league games at Blue Valley, The J, JoCo 3&2, KCMO 3&2, Lee's Summit, or NKCA.

  • 7u Thunder
  • 8u Thunder Scott Vazzana
  • 9u Thunder
  • 10u Thunder Dold
  • 11u Thunder Carrow
  • 12u Thunder White
  • 13u Storm Mahurin
  • 14u Thunder Luzar

2021-22 TSKC Membership Benefits

Through July 31, 2022 | Subject to Change

  • No Price Change for 2021-22
  • All Roster Players Individual Teamwork Sports Membership to workout at facility during all open member hours
  • Weekly Indoor Team Practice Time
  • Member Discount on TSKC Winter HitTrax League
  • Member Discount on TSKC Winter Position Clinics
  • Member Discount on TSKC Strength & Conditioning Workouts
  • TSKC Sports Engine Team Page and Mobile App

NOTE:  On a Team by Team basis, some details may differ.  Please see the "News" article on each team's page for specific variations.

2021-22 Time Commitment

The Teamwork Sports Baseball Clubs operates under a model supportive of participation in multiple sports through the year.  We ask players participating in multiple sports to consider baseball a top priority during the Spring/Summer Season, a close second priority during the Fall Season, and prioritized appropriately during the Winter Workout Period.  We encourage teams to hold approximately 1-2 workouts/events per week through the Fall Season, approximately 1-2 workouts/events per week through the Winter Workout Period, and approximately 2-3 workouts/events per week through the Spring/Summer Season.  Each Head Coach will set their own specific team workout schedule.

2021-22 Tentative Schedule | Subject to Change

  • Fall Season August - October
    • Fall Baseball Leagues
    • Fall USSSA Events
  • Winter Workout Period November* - March
    • Indoor Winter Workouts
    • TSKC HitTrax League
  • Spring/Summer Season April - July
    • Spring/Summer Baseball Leagues
    • Memorial Day USSSA Event in Omaha NE
    • Spring/Summer USSSA Events

*Start of Winter Workout Period determined on a team by team basis.  Some teams will workout November - March, some team will work out January - March, and some team will workout February - March.

2021-22 Financial Commitment

Teamwork Sports Baseball operates on a hybrid model of Parent Paid Team Fees, Fundraising, and Sponsorship.  The table below outlines the financial expectations for each participant and collective sponsorship goal for each team..

Team Fee = The 2021-22 Teamwork Sports Baseball Club Membership Team Fee which will be payable to Teamwork Sports.  Payment of the Membership Team Fee will secure your 2021-22 roster spot.

League Fees = All league Fees will be paid directly to league where team elects to participate.  Team may have both Fall and Spring/Summer League Fees.

Uniform Fee = The 2021-22 Uniform Package will remain $75 and includes Game Hat, Practice DriFit Jersey, Game Pants, Belt, and Socks.  This is required for new players to the club and optional for returning players to the club.  Items may be purchased individually as well.  All players will be required to purchase new 2022 Game Jersey at the time of registration.

Coach and Tournament Fees = Any additional Coaches Fees and/or Weekend Tournament Fees will be managed by a team administrator and shared by all roster players.  Teams that play more optional events or purchase additional coaching will have more to pay, teams that play less optional events or don't add additional coaching will have less to pay.

Cooperstown Dreams Park = 12u Teams participating in the 2022 Cooperstown Dreams Park event in Cooperstown, NY.  will have additional trip expenses in addition to the primary season fees.

Fee Type | Subject to Change 7u-8u 9u 10u-14u
TSKC Membership Team Fee (valid through July 31, 2022) $240 $360 $480
Estimate Fall Baseball League Fees (will vary by team/league) $150 $150 $175
Estimate Spring/Summer League Fees (will vary by team/league) $250 $250 $275
New Player Uniform Package (ala carte available for returning players) $75 $75 $75
2022 Game Jersey Required (paid at time of registration) $45 $45 $45
Estimate Tournament/Coach Fees (will vary by team) $25 $50 $75
Estimated Total w/ New Player Uniform Package $785 $930 $1125

2021-22 Uniforms

Teamwork Sports Baseball will provide high-quality Alleson, Maxim and Akadema Branded uniforms designed to look great and last a long time.  Players are required to purchase any needed uniform pieces.

With the exception of a new 2022 game jersey, we will wear identical uniforms in 2021-22 that were worn by Waldo Thunder / Brookside Storm in 2020-21 in order to control player costs.  Returning players will not need to purchase new items unless the existing items are lost, worn out or outgrown.

The full uniform package will include Game Hat, DriFit Practice Jersey, Gray Game Pants, Belt, and Socks. 

New 2022 Game Jerseys will be required by all players for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.   Approximate cost expected to be $45 per jersey will be paid at the time of registration.

Each player must provide their own red/navy helmet.

Coaches Items available for sale include Hat, DriFit, and Polo Golf Shirts.

Uniform Item Thunder Storm Ala-Carte Notes
Game Hat TS or W Hat TS or B Hat $25 included in $75 package
Practice DriFit Navy DriFit Red DriFit $25 included in $75 package
Game Pants Gray Gray $25 included in $75 package
Belt Red Navy $10 included in $75 package
Socks Red Thunder Navy Storm $10 included in $75 package
2021 Game Jersey Thunder Storm $25 Required for All Players
2022 Game Jersey Thunder Storm $45 Included in 2021-22 Registration
Helmet Navy TS Red TS new and used available player must provide helmet