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2020 Cooperstown Dream Park

Teamwork Sports Express Darby

Coach Brett Darby

Team Number:  20191569

Team Name:  Teamwork Sports Express

Week of Play:  June 6, 2020

CheckIn:  6pm on Friday June 5

CheckOut:  8am on Friday June 12

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Player Checklist

  1. (4) Completed Documents
  2. Birth Certificate or Passport
  3. $100 Cash for Team Petty Cash Fund
  4. (2) Pair White Knicker Pants
  5. (2) Pair Sliding Shorts
  6. Red & Navy Belt
  7. Red & Navy 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve
  8. Pillow & Bedding
  9. Clip-on Bed Fan w/ Extension Cord and/or Power Strip
  10. Swimsuit & Shower Shoes | Beach Towel

CDP20 Express News

TSKC Closed 4th of July Weekend

By Sean Wilson 06/26/2020, 8:00am CDT

Closed Friday July 3 - Sunday July 5

TSKC Facility will be closed Friday July 3, Saturday July 4, and Sunday July 5 in order to allow employees and coaches some much needed time at home with family over the holiday weekend.

The facility will be open 1-8pm on Thursday July 2 and Monday July 6.

Re-Open Phase 2 at 50% Capacity

By Sean Wilson 05/31/2020, 11:00am CDT

May 31 - July 5

In alignment with Kansas City Phase 2 guidelines, we will increase our capacity to 50% today.  Effectively, this means that we can resume indoor team workouts on the Upper Team Field #2.  Please see the continued, revised, and new guidelines below that will be in place through July 5.

1.  Open Member Hours will increase (but remain limited) on May 31.   Schedulicity will remain up to date with hours of operation.

2.  Advance reservation with Schedulicity or private lesson appointment will be required to workout.  No Walk-in Workouts.

3.  Check-In required for everyone that enters the building.  Adults must provide name and phone number.  Youth athletes must provide name.

4.  The lobby and all waiting areas will remain closed.  Parents are urged to wait for their athlete in their car.

5.  Water Fountains and Vending Machines will remain closed.

6.  Shared equipment will not be available.

7.  Cloth face-covering masks will be required in all non playing areas of the facility.  This includes check-in and check-out.

8.  The facility will have several distancing guidelines posted.

9.  Team Protocol A.  Team Workouts limited to Upper Team Space Field #2 Only.  No Team Workouts in the Tunnel Areas of the facility.

10.  Team Protocol B.  To minimize contact, teams to gather in parking lot and enter facility at/after their scheduled start time as a group.  Teams expected to have playing space cleaned up and exit facility at/before their scheduled end time as a group.  If the workout time is 5-630pm, team are expected to enter the facility as a group after 5pm and exit the facility as a group before 6:30pm.


Re-Open Week 2 Memorial Day Message

By Sean Wilson 05/23/2020, 10:00am CDT

Visit our YouTube Channel

Teamwork Sports May 2020

Click URL above to access video message on our YouTube Channel

10/10/10 Re-Open Information

By Sean Wilson 05/16/2020, 10:00am CDT

Welcome Back!

Teamwork Sports 2020 - Video Message from Sean Wilson

Click URL above to access video on our YouTube Channel.

TSKC 10/10/10 Re-Open Plan

By Sean Wilson 05/11/2020, 3:00pm CDT

Re-Open on May 16th

We are excited to re-open in a safe and responsible way this Saturday May 16th.  Please see, and help us implement, the new regulations in place designed to keep us in alignment with city and county health department guidelines.  We expect these to be in place through at least June 1st.

1.  Through the initial phase of re-opening, our hours of operation will be compacted to allow time for proper sanitizing of the facility before and after workout hours.  We will be closed on Monday & Friday for facility deep clean through at least the end of May.

2. By KCMO order, we may only open at 10% capacity.  Advance reservation with Schedulicity or private lesson appointment will be required to workout.  Check-in at front desk will be required.  Please do not arrive early or plan to stay late.  We need to be efficient checking people in and allowing them to workout and exit without people waiting for their timeslot.

3.  The lobby and all waiting areas will remain closed through the initial phase of re-opening the facility.  Only athlete and coach/parent working out on the turf will be permitted in the facility through the initial phase of re-opening the facility.  Parents that typically wait in our lobby, please check-in an athlete and wait in the car during the workout.

4.  Water Fountains and Vending Machines will remain closed through initial phase of re-opening the facility.  Please bring your own water bottle.

5.  Shared equipment will not be available through the initial phase of re-opening.  Athletes will need to provide their own batting helmet, bat, gloves etc.  Baseballs and batting tees may be checked out from the front desk at check-in and returned to front desk after workout.  These will be sanitized before they are re-issued.

6.  Cloth face-covering masks will be required in all non playing areas of the facility and recommended on the turf in this initial phase of re-opening the facility.  Cloth face-covering masks must be worn by everyone as they enter and exit.  Cloth face-covering masks are optional but recommended during the workout itself while on the turf but must be worn in all non-turf areas of the facility throughout the entrance / check-in and exit / check-out process.

7.  The facility will have several new distancing guidelines posted throughout the facility.  Please help us adhere to these new regulations.

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