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Teamwork Sports USILB HitTrax League

Players will be assigned to team rosters.

Rosters will be 3-7 players.

Pitch speed will be determined by the league and adjusted weekly to create a balanced playing field (think golf handicap system.)


USILB HitTrax Canceled February 7

By Sean Wilson 02/07/2019, 12:00am CST

Please Stay Safe

In order to error on the side of safety, we have canceled tonight's USILB HitTrax League games and will reschedule makeup game opportunities this weekend.

League games will resume next week.

USILB HitTrax Canceled February 6

By Sean Wilson 02/06/2019, 4:00pm CST

Makeup Games will be scheduled for this weekend | Resume play next Wednesday

Due to icy road conditions, tonight's USILB HitTrax Games have been canceled and will be rescheduled.

USILB Session #2 Rosters

By Sean Wilson 01/15/2019, 8:00am CST

Session #2 Rosters Below

Astros D4 Wednesday 6pm
1. Samson B
2. Ben K
3. Harrison S
4. Dylan M 
5. Patrick S
6. Gavin S
7. Luke R

Angels D3 Wednesday 7pm
1. Max W
2. Noah F
3. Cash Q
4. Johnny R
5. Bronson 
6. Max S

Mariners D4 Thursday 6:30pm
1. Lincoln V
2. Isaac C

Athletics D3 Thursday 7:30pm
1. Ryker E
2. Ben B
3. Nick B
4. Owen A
5. Lucas W

USILB Winter Session #2

By Sean Wilson 01/07/2019, 8:00am CST

Week 1 Games Saturday January 12 - Friday January 18

USILB "Stack Rank" Winter Session #2

D4 TSKC Astros

D4 TSKC Mariners

D3 TSKC Angels

D3 TSKC Athletics

Wednesday 6-7pm D4 36 mph TSKC Astros (Game 1 on Jan 16)
Wednesday 7-8pm D3 42 mph TSKC Angels (Game 1 on Jan 16)
Thursday 630-730pm D4 36 mph TSKC Mariners (Game 1 on Jan 17)
Thursday 730-830 D3 42 mph TSKC Athletics (Game 1 on Jan 17)


USILB "Head to Head" Winter Session #2

Head to Head games can be played against opponents from across the nation at anytime (schedule permitting) across all age/skill levels including 11/12u, 13/14u, High School, and Adult.  Get 3-7 players available and contact Sean Wilson to schedule.

USILB Winter Session #1 Complete

By Sean Wilson 12/15/2018, 8:00am CST

Great Finish by all TSKC HitTrax Teams

The USILB HitTrax League Winter Session #1 is complete.  Congratulations to all TSKC teams for great performances all season.  The final results are listed below.

  1. AL TSKC Phillies (9-6-1) 10th place Nationwide (55 teams)
  2. D4 TSKC Cubs (8-7-1) 19th Place Nationwide (55 teams)
  3. D2 TSKC Pirates 22nd Place Nationwide (67 teams)
  4. D4 TSKC Brewers (7-6-3) 28th Place Nationwide (55 teams)
  5. D3 TSKC Reds 32nd Place Nationwide (67 teams)
  6. NL TSKC Nationals 34th Place Nationwide (67 teams)
  7. AL TSKC Giants (5-7-4) 37th place nationwide (55 teams)
  8. D4 TSKC Braves (4-9-3) 46th Place Nationwide (55 teams)
  9. D1 TSKC Rockies 53rd Place Nationwide (67 teams)


"Scrimmage Games" will be played this week vs opponents across the country by the TSKC Braves 5pm Wed, TSKC Brewers 6pm Wed, TSKC Cubs 5pm Thu, and TSKC Reds 6pm Thu.  

No games this week for the TSKC Phillies, TSKC Pirates, TSKC Nationals, TSKC Giants, and TSKC Rockies.

 Winter Session #2 will begin in January.  I have to attend a meeting with the facility owners late this week to discuss the format and schedule.  I don't expect any significant changes to format and we will do our best to adjust the schedule to accommodate participants.