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Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocol Update 050121

By Sean Wilson, 04/30/21, 8:00AM CDT


KCMO Health Department May 1, 2021

Per new KCMO guidelines that go into effect May 1st 2021, we have updated several important protocols.  Please see the updated current list below.

1.  Teamwork Sports will operate near full capacity with advance reservation on Schedulicity, scheduled team workout, or scheduled private lesson appointment.  Workouts are to be limited to assigned space and reserved times only.

2.  Parents are urged to drop off / pick up athletes or wait for their athlete in their car.  Parents will be discouraged from watching workouts from playing areas or walkways and encouraged to wait in parent lounge or car.  Face masks and appropriate social distancing are required by all parents at all times. 

3.  Face masks are required for everyone in all areas of the facility at all times.  This includes players, coaches, parents, and staff.  This includes check-in, check-out, and playing areas.

4.  Check-In contact tracing required.  This log will be maintained for 30 days.

5.  The facility has several Health & Safety Protocol guidelines posted.  Please read and abide by these regulations at all times.

6.  Team Protocol:  Teams expected to enter playing areas of facility at or after their scheduled start time as a group and have playing space cleaned up and exit facility by or before their scheduled end time as a group.  Team workouts are to be limited to assigned space only not expand to other areas of the facility.