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It's Official. We're In!

By Sean Wilson, 10/06/20, 12:00PM CDT


#CDP21 July 23 - 30

Great News!  We received our official acceptance letter.  Nationwide, teams have been receiving 2021 Cooperstown Dreams Park acceptance and wait list letters over the past several days.  CDP does not officially release this information, but my understanding is well over 2500 team applications were received for the 1352 team spots (104 teams per week * 13 weeks) awarded meaning approximately 46% of the applications were declined or waitlisted.  If you follow social media sites related to CDP and CDP Fan Pages, there is lots of excitement nationwide but certainly lots of disappointed teams out there too.

Much more detailed information to come, but here is a preview of our week to get you excited...

  • Friday:  We will meet in Cooperstown NY on Friday, July 23 at 6pm and head over to Cooperstown Dreams Park for team check-in as a group.  Parents will help players move into Player's Village and say goodbye as this will be the last time anyone other than players and coaches allowed into Players Village.
  • Saturday:  The morning will be filled with official team events (uniforms, team photo, safety meeting, rules meeting, first practice, first meals etc) followed by the Opening Ceremonies in the afternoon and on into the evening.  Parents will be advised to arrive at the complex early/mid afternoon for the opening ceremonies (all 104 teams parade into the stadium) and stay for the Homerun Derby, Fastest Runner, Strongest Arm, and Team Around the Horn competition that follows the ceremony.  These end about 9pm and players and coaches back to Players Village and parents leave the complex.
  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday:  All three days are similar with two pool play games each day.  General schedule will be, wake up, eat breakfast as team, put on uniform, practice, play game, return to players village, shower, eat, rest, put on second uniform, practice, play second game, return to players village, shower, eat, pin trade and socialize, go to bed.  Lights out 9:30pm.  Of course some variation as game times will vary a little each day.  One of these three days based on game schedule times we will make a team trip into Cooperstown to visit the Hall of Fame.
  • Wednesday:  Bracket Play begins.  Games may begin as early as 8am or as late as 4pm based on pool play record.  Once you begin playing, you either lose and are done or win and immediately play again in the next timeslot.  There will be 32 teams remaining at the end of play on Wednesday.
  • Thursday:  Bracket Play continues.  72 teams will have been eliminated and use this day as a fun "summer camp" day to watch the games, play wiffle ball, pin trade, and/or other activities outside of the CDP complex in the Cooperstown area.  After the semi-finals and before the championship game, all 104 teams will participate in closing ceremonies and receive their rings.  The championship game will start about 9pm.
  • Friday:  We will check-out on July 30 about 7:30am.

If you have not done so yet, please complete the #CDP21 player registration.  The URL is on the SportsEngine team page link below (note: if opening link on a mobile device click "skip" to open in web browser and not the mobile app as registrations can not be completed on the mobile app.)

Additional details available on the bottom of the team page (same URL above) or please contact me with any questions or suggestions.  I am happy to help and super pumped about the trip!