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TSKC #StayHomeKC Initiatives

By Sean Wilson, 03/24/20, 8:00AM CDT


TSKC Home Activities and Workouts

#StayHomeKC Update & Three TSKC Initiatives.

Our facility is closed through at least April 24.  We are hopeful for at least a limited activity re-opening April 24-26 and will keep everyone posted as the date nears.

Kansas City Parks & Recreation has closed all fields to team practices until at least May 15.  We are hopeful to resume outdoor team practices May 15-17 and will keep everyone posted as the date nears.

I am optimistic that league and tournament games will be played and the 2020 season will not be lost.  Kansas City 3&2 Baseball, NKCA, Blue Valley Parks & Rec, The J, USSSA, and ASA have all stated that they anticipate playing a 2020 league and tournament season with games likely to start no earlier than late May or early June and possibly running through the end of July.  We will keep everyone posted on a league by league basis as information is available.

In the meantime, we are announcing three initiatives for our players and players' families to help us through this #StayHomeKC period of time. 

Social Media Images - on a weekly basis, we will reach out and ask players and parents to send us their favorite pictures of players on the field from seasons past.  Each week will have a different theme to ensure we are able to remember the best of our past experiences.  We will post these to the team SportsEngine pages and our social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  We believe it is important to keep the sense of community going through this time and images of boys and girls playing in the past will remind us that fun times remain ahead of us on the fields yet this season.

Team Virtual Practices - on a team by team basis, we will work with Head Coaches to schedule and execute virtual practices utilizing technology for the team to get together classroom style a few times through this time period.  Younger teams will likely simply view some fun baseball/softball clips and have an opportunity to talk to each other about baseball/softball as a team.  Older teams may evolve into a little more coaching with some drills that can be done in front of the computer for coaches to evaluate and/or homework drills than can be done offline.  High School teams will likely evolve even further into some classroom situational discussions to take the place of on field practice time that will be cut short this year.  We believe it is important to keep the sense of team going through this time and virtual workouts will enable our coaches to stay engaged with the team as a group.

Online Video Series - we have been working with coaches within the program to shoot short videos that will be posted to YouTube, SportsEngine, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  This series of videos are designed to help players workout at home with a parent or sibling.  The initial series of videos will focus on the basic fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and throwing.  A follow-up series of videos will be produced for pitchers and catchers.  We know there are hundreds of how to videos already available but feel it is important for our players to see our coaches in our uniforms to help motivate players to spend an appropriate amount of time each week working on their fundamentals from home.

We will  continue to provide updates  through SportsEngine, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Thank You for your support of our small business through this uncertain time in our community's history.