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Teamwork Sports

2023-24 TSKC Facility Membership Now Available

Register now for 2023-24 Facility Membership or Sibling Membership. 

Offer Valid through January 31, 2024.  Membership valid through September 2, 2024.  Offer does not apply to Membership Team Fee for club team roster members, recurring team add-on memberships, or existing memberships.  Subject to change at anytime.

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2023-24 Facility Membership online registration

Teamwork Sports 2023-24 Facility Membership

TSKC 2023-24 Facility Membership

$5/Month Price Change for 2023-24 our first price change in eight year of memberships

Individual Memberships are available with an annual membership - membership valid through September 2, 2024.  Pricing is calculated at $45 per month ($25 per month Sibling membership) for remaining months through August 2024.

Memberships include access to field space during open member hours, individual HitTrax profile, and discounts on most camps, clinics, and events.  Each Member is eligible to make (1) reservation per day with no additional rental fee during all open member hours using the Schedulicity app.  When using the HitTrax tunnel, the HitTrax system will be included at no additional fee.  Most Teamwork Sports operated camps, clinics, and events will include a discounted registration fee for members.

Regardless of registration date, memberships will be valid through September 2,  2024.

Teamwork Sports Individual Members will be allowed one $0 reservation per day during open member hours.  Membership is verified at check-in and rental fees waived at that time.  If the member is a minor, one adult may workout with the member at no additional charge.  Guests will be charged a $10 per day guest fee.  

Everyone working out must abide by posted rules and regulations and verbal instructions from Teamwork Sports employees.  All memberships are subject to suspension or cancelation at sole discretion of Teamwork Sports.   Click Here for Covid-19 related safety protocols.

Click Here to purchase (or renew) your 2023-24 Facility Membership.

  • Individual Member $45 per Month through Labor Day 2024
  • Sibling Member $25 per Month through Labor Day 2024
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2023-24 Facility Membership online registration

310 West 80th St. KCMO 64114 | (816) 537-1390

The 13,650 square foot facility includes two large practice areas for baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse plus a state of the art Parent Lounge & Pro Shop designed to meet the needs of players, coaches, and parents.

Make Reservations Using Schedulicity

Teamwork Sports Schedule is powered by Schedulicity.  You may use Schedulicity online or the Schedulicity Mobile App to make reservations for the Indoor Practice Facility.

Click Here to make reservations using Schedulicity online.

Download the Schedulicity app to any mobile device from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.