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Teamwork Sports High School Baseball Winter Program

Teamwork Sports Baseball

Winter Skills | Strength & Agility Program

13u 7th Grade – 18u 12th Grade

Focus on Agility, Body Awareness, and Overall Athleticism

Increase Strength, Athletic Stamina, and Sports Endurance

Cone Drills, Ball Drills, Speed Training, and Athletic Activities

Hitting, Fielding, and Position Specific Drills and Workouts

November 4 – February 24

Sunday Nights 6-8pm

$120 per Player

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2018-19 HS Baseball Winter Program

Winter Session #1

November 4 - December 23

$75 per Player

Winter Session #2

January 6 - February 24

$75 per Player

Full Program

Novemeber 4 - February 26

$120 | Best Value

Sponsored by City Gym

City Gym

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7416 Wornall

KC, MO  64114

(816) 326-8790

Sponsored by Teamwork Sports

Teamwork Sports

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310 W. 80th Street

KC, MO  64114

(816) 537-1390

Sponsored by Elite Athlete Development

Elite Athlete Development

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Elite Athlete Development