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Full90Fitness Strength & Agility Program

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TSKC Fitness Room

The new Fitness Room is not open to all facility members.  The fitness room is available exclusively to Full90Fitness staff for supervised workouts only.

Please contact to inquire further about access to the new Fitness Room.


Full90Fitness strength & conditioning and speed & agility programs are available to both Teamwork Sports Members and Non-Members.

These programs will offer a variety of training for athletes of all ages and levels. All programs are specifically created to fit each athlete's needs/wants to increase his/hers performance. To make sure every athlete gets the individual attention to excel during the program I will be limiting the amount of athletes per session. I will only be allowing 4 individuals per strength training session and only 6 per speed & agility session.

Programs are specifically built in conjunction with what the athletes are currently doing with their sport. Both off-season and in-season programs are available. 

If you would like to sign up a small group of athletes from the same team, group of friends, or siblings for the same times, please let me know as I will offer a discounted rate. 

I have seen that getting a group from the same team or group of friends in the same sessions creates a fun and competitive environment for the athletes that creates a great atmosphere to further their sports development! 

More program details and cost are listed on the flyer below. If you are interested in the full 3 month program you are able to receive the discounted program price listed below. All those interested in per month training and not the full program will be on the regular per month rates listed on the website. If these rates seem a little too costly for you at the moment, but you would like to join, please reach out to me as we may be able to build a sponsorship plan (lower rates with additional acts of service hours the athlete will be obligated to complete as part of payment). We believe every athlete should have the opportunity to better themselves through these programs so please reach out if you are interested!  

If you would like to sign up for a free movement assessment to get started or want more information you can visit the website or contact me via phone or email anytime with questions/concerns! 


Brandon Ramirez, NASM-CPT | ISSA-CSCS | (913) 449-9741 |

Brandon Ramirez

Exercise and sports were a big part of my life since the age of 7, when I started to play my first sport competitively. Playing soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and track at competitive levels at a very early age. Even back then I loved the enjoyment and the competitive nature they all bring. Sadly, during my senior year of high school through my junior year of college, I had to undergo 5 different left knee surgeries which cut my competitive soccer career short. Only 1 year later finding myself almost 15 pounds overweight, due to major knee pain and being told by multiple orthoptic surgeons and physical therapist that I would never be able to run or lift heavy again. I was then fueled to find ways to live a healthier life and safe ways to workout. Now after losing almost 15 pounds of fat, gaining years of exercise knowledge resulting in an Exercise and Sports Science degree and 3 personal training/sports performance certifications, and the ability to lift heavy without knee pain. I solely focus on helping athletes and individuals reach their fitness goals, ranging anywhere from; reducing injury risk of athletes, increasing overall athletic performance, helping individuals lose unwanted fat, helping gain mass & muscle or just being able to workout and live a pain-free life like myself. I have been blessed to be in a position to help others and will always do my best to get you to your personal fitness dreams and goals!